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How Can Drain Cleaning Help My Business

DATE POSTED: June 30, 2017

A typical day in most commercial kitchens can see orders for hundreds of different meals for hungry patrons. The staff in all types of restaurants from the local diner to a 5 Star local favorite spot go about their day prepping and cooking each meal made to order the same way. Over the course of the day that can create a lot of messes that have to be cleaned up. At the end of their shift, you can…

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chef standing in front of kitchen with arms crossed

Protect Your Reputation With Big Blue Bug Solutions

DATE POSTED: November 18, 2016

Keeping your good reputation is important. You must take every precaution to uphold the good name of your restaurant that you have worked so hard for. A rat infestation could definitely do a lot of damage and ruin your hard earned reputation. Being proactive against a rat infestation is a good start. You will need to know all about rats, such as how to keep them from getting into your place of…

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floor drain in a south portland me business

Commercial Drain Cleaning Is Vital To Businesses In South Portland

DATE POSTED: August 30, 2016

If you own a business in South Portland, you know how hard it can be to keep everything running right. If the business you own works with food, it is even more difficult. The last thing you need is unexpected repair costs, leaking, or flooding on top of all the other problems you're chasing down. Here are a few ways the commercial drain cleaning division of Big Blue Bug Solutions can help your…

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floor drain

Drain Cleaning Services For South Portland

DATE POSTED: June 29, 2016

Are you ready? Here comes a ten cent word. Bioremediation. You probably already know what that word means, but for those of you who don't, it is basically a process that uses naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms, or other forms of life, to consume and break down environmental pollutants. Here are a few ways bioremediation has been used to clean things up in an…

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