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woodchuck in yard

Woodchucks In Connecticut Can Be Dangerous!

DATE POSTED: June 24, 2022

Property damage is expensive and frustrating to repair, especially when wildlife pests such as woodchucks are involved. Learn more about woodchuck infestations in Connecticut and how to get rid of them.

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fruit flies in a home on a piece of fruit

How To Keep The Fruit Flies In Connecticut At Bay

DATE POSTED: February 15, 2022

Fruit flies are persistent bugs that are hard to eliminate. Given their ability to bring about illness, learning about the best prevention methods available is a must. These bugs can reproduce quickly. 

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a rat in the kitchen

Five Easy Tricks To Keep Rats Away From Your Connecticut Home  

DATE POSTED: April 12, 2021

It may feel like something out of a horror movie, but if you notice any sign of rats scurrying around in your Connecticut home, the outcome could be only too real. Your warm home has been infiltrated, and things will only get worse without adequate treatment. Rodents such as Norway rats are some of the most frustrating pests to find in the north, partially because of their resistance to pest…

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