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Our Love, Hate Relationship With Chipmunks

DATE POSTED: October 16, 2017

If you have ever Googled "cute chipmunks" you were probably not disappointed. There are some absolutely adorable pictures of these tiny striped critters with their cheeks bulging with nuts. Those cheeks are amazing! And if you have ever had the pleasure of seeing chipmunks in action in your yard, you may be quite enamored with them. They certainly are adorable. But, they aren't quite so adorable…

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Common Damages Chipmunks Can Cause

DATE POSTED: August 29, 2017

/pest-identificationAre you noticing chipmunks on your South Portland property? We aren't talking about the singing, dancing kind, we're talking about the kind that can cause damages to your yard or home if they are allowed to multiply, dig up your gardens, or get into your attic and wall voids.

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What To Do If Chipmunks Invade Your Home

DATE POSTED: July 19, 2017

For some, the chipmunk is one of the cutest little forest creatures ever to wander the backyard. We laugh at their antics when they dart here and there or when they chase each other around the trees. Few of us are concerned when we see them eating leftover seeds spilled from bird feeders, and quite a few homeowners even will feed them on purpose.

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