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cockroach in rhode island home

Separating Cockroach Fact From Cockroach Fiction

DATE POSTED: February 7, 2018

Is it true cockroaches will be the only creatures left after a nuclear explosion? Or that they can live forever without a head? How about the idea that they are able to walk across any surface, even upside down? While these are, decidedly, hardy creatures, some of the legends that have grown up around them are simply untrue. Here are a few of the most popular myths--followed by the facts.

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cockroach found in pantry

Get Rid Of Roaches Fast

DATE POSTED: February 6, 2017

If you've ever had an encounter with a cockroach, then you probably understand the meaning of "making a quick exit." Whether it was you or, more likely, the roach, someone made a quick exit. It is amazing how much of a quick exit a roach can make if you surprise it by turning on a light. They zip across the counter (or the wall--or ceiling) and then vanish, as if by magic. Where did it go? It can…

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