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What Is The Reason For The Bed Bug Resurgence In Maine?

DATE POSTED: July 20, 2017

Have you noticed that you are hearing a lot more about bed bugs in recent years here in Maine? It’s true! Not so many years ago, the only time you heard about bed bugs was when you were being tucked into bed and your mother or grandmother warmly spoke, “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” I guess they thought this was a nice way to say goodnight, but it always left you kind of creeped…

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Maine Town Invokes New Bed Bug Rules

DATE POSTED: July 20, 2016

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to deal with, and they become even more difficult to deal with when multiple people and residences are involved in the extermination process, such as in the case of many rental properties. Having ordinances in place to protect all people involved is very important, and recently in Augusta, Maine, the city’s emergency bed bug ordinance was revised. We believe that…

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