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a colony of black carpenter ants infesting a home as they crawling around the edges of a residents walls in in southern portland

How to Ant-Proof Your South Portland Home for the Summer

DATE POSTED: June 21, 2019

Most species of ants eat a lot of food in the autumn to carry them over through hibernation in the winter. Now it’s summer and here come the ants again: carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants and thief ants. They’re at their peak this time of year in Maine, invading South Portland homes and properties.

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a red and golden indian meal moth crawling up the wall pf a food pantry in a new england home

Is Your New England Pantry Protected for the Summer?

DATE POSTED: June 19, 2019

With summer comes the inevitable presence of bugs. Indian meal moths and grain beetles can infest New England kitchens and pantries. This can happen because of moisture getting into food products, bird seed sitting around too long, or you might even be bringing them home from the grocery store.

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a black and yellow carpenter bee resting on a branch in a new england back yard

Summer Pest Threats New England Residents Should Be Concerned About

DATE POSTED: June 17, 2019

Everyone is busy and ready to enjoy all the fun that summer brings with the warmer temperatures. But we’re not the only ones out enjoying the warm weather. While you sit on your back porch, enjoying a refreshing drink and perhaps some barbecue, pests threaten to invade your fun festivities. They can be a nuisance in more ways than just buzzing around being irritating you and your family or…

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a white faced opossum crawling through the long grass on a southern portland property

How to Tell if You've Got Opossums in or Around Your South Portland Home

DATE POSTED: May 31, 2019

Whether or not you find opossums adorable, chances are, you’re not going to want them invading your property or your home. While the playful and cuddly videos of young opossums might be fun to watch online, when it comes to wild opossums, they can be quite frightening and dangerous for any South Portland resident to handle alone.

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a large colony of wasps flying and infesting a meaty meal plated on a southern portland property

How South Portland Homes Benefit from Professional Wasp Removal

DATE POSTED: May 29, 2019

Did you know that wasps live everywhere but Antarctica?  This could mean cautious walks to the car, quarantining the kids from the back yard, or outdoor barbeques canceled because of the threat of stingers. What is your plan if wasps settle down on your property?

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