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spider on tile floor

Help! Spiders Are Taking Over My Rochester Home

DATE POSTED: February 6, 2024

Spiders are scary pests to find in your Rochester home, crawling around and hiding in dark corners. They invade buildings for food and water, spinning silky webs to catch prey. The negative reputation of these creatures is often unwarranted, but residents still prefer to avoid them.

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house spider crawling on carpet

Common New England Spiders

DATE POSTED: June 19, 2018

The increase in the population of other pests during the summertime also leads to an increased spider presence to prey on them. While spiders have their purpose in nature, they are not often considered a welcome housemate by homeowners, and rightfully so! There are several varieties of spiders that are native to New England including sac spiders, house spiders, and black widows. Let’s take a…

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house spider on a carpet in ri home

Keep Spiders From Invading Your South Portland Home

DATE POSTED: January 6, 2016

For most of us our first thought upon seeing a spider is not, “How can I make that little creature more comfortable and help her find a nice, secluded corner in my home to lay her eggs”; and yet it may surprise you to hear that this is exactly what many of us unintentionally do. We often do not take the time to secure our homes by filling all the cracks and gaps that we can in our foundations…

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Spiders In Massachusetts

Spiders: The Creepy, Yet Fascinating Creatures

DATE POSTED: November 6, 2013

Walking into spider webs can be a very frustrating experience. You can’t shake the feeling you have something on your skin, but you can’t see it and you know you could have a spider somewhere on your body. This is one of the most goose-bump raising experiences you can have in your own home and spiders in Massachusetts are known for seeking refuge in relatively undisturbed areas, including…

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