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a rodent crawling inside a home

How To Safely Treat For Rodents In Southern Maine

DATE POSTED: June 17, 2022

Rodents are a common threat to homeowners in Southern Maine, and a dangerous one at that. Rodents can range from squirrels to rats, and all of them can damage your home. These pests are terrible to deal with, from tearing out insulation to causing a house fire through chewed wires. However, no matter what rodents find their way into your Southern Maine home, you can take steps to prevent and…

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a mouse in a garage

The Problem With DIY Rodent Control In Worcester

DATE POSTED: August 13, 2021

Common intruders that regularly invade homes here in Worcester are rodents. These furry problem makers are not just annoying, they are also destructive and dangerous. In addition to this, they are extremely hard to control.

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