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squirrel sitting next to tree in winter

Squirrels. Dangerous? Or Just Cute?

DATE POSTED: February 1, 2017

Are you an animal lover? Do you love puppies and kittens? Majestic horses and cuddly baby bear cubs? How about squirrels? Do you love watching these fluffy, tail-flicking characters racing around your backyard, scampering across your fences, defying gravity to get into your bird feeders? Well, if you do love squirrels, you may not be aware of the dangers they can pose if their numbers get too…

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squirrel in tree looking for food

Squirrels: Fun To Watch, Dangerous To Host

DATE POSTED: March 29, 2016

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch as they twitch their tail and chase each other up and down trees and across the lawn. However, the entertainment can become a dreadful experience almost overnight.  

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