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close up of silverfish

How To Keep Silverfish Away From Your South Portland Home

DATE POSTED: May 27, 2022

Silverfish are an annoying pest that invades many South Portland homes. They can be hard to eliminate because they are nocturnal, and you may not see them during the day. Silverfish are also small, extremely quick, and great at hiding in just about anything they can fit into. Although they aren't considered dangerous, these pests are relentless chewers and feed on many common household…

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a silverfish on a table

Why Silverfish Invade Worcester Homes

DATE POSTED: August 10, 2021

Once inside, silverfish cozy up in secluded areas, damage items like books, newspapers, and cardboard, and infest boxes of stored food where they lay their eggs. We don’t know about you, but these sure sound like good reasons to want silverfish to stay outside.

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