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stink bug in home

Stink Bugs in Rhode Island!

DATE POSTED: September 27, 2015

Yes, that’s right there are stink bugs in Rhode Island. These little insects that measure just under an inch can be a real big problem - especially during this time of year. The brown marmorated stink bug is originally from the areas of China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. They were accidentally introduced into the U.S. around 1998 in Pennsylvania and have rapidly spread out from there. They have no…

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Stink Bug In Framingham MA

Stink Bugs And Other Fall Pests In Framingham

DATE POSTED: October 24, 2013

Pest control in Framingham can be a difficult job, especially if you choose to go at it alone. The Framingham exterminators at Big Blue Bug Solutions know that pest control is best managed when you have a year round pest control program on your side. Having annual MA pest control services for your home can be a huge help, especially when dealing with fall pests.

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