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a black and yellow carpenter bee resting on a branch in a new england back yard

Summer Pest Threats New England Residents Should Be Concerned About

DATE POSTED: June 17, 2019

Everyone is busy and ready to enjoy all the fun that summer brings with the warmer temperatures. But we’re not the only ones out enjoying the warm weather. While you sit on your back porch, enjoying a refreshing drink and perhaps some barbecue, pests threaten to invade your fun festivities. They can be a nuisance in more ways than just buzzing around being irritating you and your family or…

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family enjoying a barbeque

Guide To Summer Pests

DATE POSTED: June 13, 2018

Everyone looks forward to summer and all the outdoor fun it brings. From Memorial Day parades to backyard BBQ’s, pool parties, graduations, weddings, and more, summer is such an exciting and enjoyable time. Unfortunately, summer also brings with it summertime pests like ants, mosquitoes, and roaches. While we often just think of these pests as an annoyance, they can actually be far more trouble…

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Bed Bug

Bed Bug Problems May Increase Over The Summer

DATE POSTED: June 11, 2015

It happens every year, so it is only logical to assume that it will happen again this year. Bed bug infestations always increase in the summer. Here are some of the ways summer will increase your chances of getting bed bugs.

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family enjoying a pest free picnic

Why Picnics And Pests Don't Mix

DATE POSTED: July 7, 2014

Summer time is here! Who’s ready to finally get out there and enjoy the warm weather? There are so many fun activities to do during the summer months. Taking your family and friends on a picnic is a great way to get out and enjoy a warm summer day. Don’t let those summer pests ruin a great picnic day! There are a few common pests that seem to want to crash the average picnic.

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mosquito found in rhode island

Mosquito Season Arrives In New England

DATE POSTED: June 19, 2014

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. Summer, also known as mosquito season has finally arrived in New England. It has many of us wondering just how bad these blood thirsty pests are going to be this year.

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what does the polar vortex mean for rhode island

What Does The Polar Vortex Mean For Spring And Summer Pests?

DATE POSTED: March 20, 2014

The one subject that is consistent in coffee shops throughout most of the United States is that this year has served us a very harsh winter with record snowfall and sub zero temperatures. Residents of MA and RI have certainly had their share of unusually cold temperatures. The most common explanation for the severity of this winter is summed up with the phrase “polar vortex”.

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