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a large colony of wasps flying and infesting a meaty meal plated on a southern portland property

How South Portland Homes Benefit From Professional Wasp Removal

DATE POSTED: May 29, 2019

Did you know that wasps live everywhere but Antarctica?  This could mean cautious walks to the car, quarantining the kids from the back yard, or outdoor barbeques canceled because of the threat of stingers. What is your plan if wasps settle down on your property?

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Why Wasps Are Aggressive In The Fall

DATE POSTED: September 18, 2017

All summer long, the wasps of South Portland fly around us in search of insects they can feed their growing young back in their nests. They're so busy, they barely pay any attention to us, our food and even our sweet beverages – seeming only to get aggravated and sting us if we should bother them. But then comes the fall and it seems the entire personality of wasps change and they become…

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