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skunk found in south portland

Tips To Avoid A Stinky Mess

DATE POSTED: April 24, 2018

South Portland is up against a lot of tough pests. These pests can ruin homes and cost homeowners thousands in repairs. The truth is, some pests are tougher than others, and when it comes to skunks, they are arguably one of the toughest. Skunks, well known for the strong and unpleasant smell that they emit, are also known to be pretty hard on properties and to carry disease as well. Below is a…

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raccoon found near south portland home

What Am I Doing to Attract Raccoons To My South Portland Property...

DATE POSTED: February 28, 2018

Overturned trash cans, destroyed garden beds, ripped screens and siding…this is just a glimpse of the damage that you might see if a raccoon has made its way onto your property. The list can get worse once a raccoon gets inside the home. Raccoons are extremely destructive animals while on the mission to find food, water, and shelter. They will go to great lengths to get these necessities…

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Chipmunks: The Unwanted Fall Visitor

DATE POSTED: September 20, 2017

Though the weather outside isn't frightful just yet, it is right around the corner, and chipmunks are already starting their mad dash to store food for the winter, hiding acorns in flower beds, gardens, trees, and maybe even your South Portland home.

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