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Why Wildlife Are More Of A Problem In The Fall

DATE POSTED: November 13, 2017

Perhaps you've noticed more animal activity recently. More deer sightings, squirrels at every turn, and an obstacle course of various kinds of roadkill. We might attribute this to hunting season and how we can stir up an ecosystem by traipsing through it, but in fact, most mammals become naturally more active during the fall as they prepare to overwinter. The search for food and shelter is an…

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skunk getting into trash

Signs You Have a Skunk Problem

DATE POSTED: October 6, 2017

You can smell them. Every time you settle in for the night or roll down your window in your car, you get a big whiff of that skunk smell. That is the biggest sign that you have a skunk problem, but there are others may be lurking right underneath your nose - and it’s not always the smell.

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