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mole mole creating a lot of damage in new england yard

How Woodchucks, Voles, Moles, And Opossums Damage New England Yards

DATE POSTED: March 7, 2019

After a lengthy winter, most of us are more than ready for the warm weather that spring provides. We’re not the only ones. New England wildlife has managed to survive the worst elements winter could throw at them and they’re ready for a break. Unfortunately for homeowners, spring typically provides the perfect opportunity for wildlife to invade and do damage to New England yards.

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raccoon in shed

Fall Wildlife Prevention For South Portland Homes

DATE POSTED: September 28, 2018

While spring and summer are ideal for insect infestations in New England, the fall and winter will generally bring more problems, when wildlife pests are preparing for winter. In the South Portland area, homeowners need to be prepared to defend their homes against raccoons, skunks, moles, and voles, and the damage they can cause.

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raccoon looking for food in trash can

Winter Pests in South Portland that Wear Out Their Welcome

DATE POSTED: December 19, 2016

There is a common myth that pests like rodents and insects are not as active in the winter months. That can’t be any farther from the truth. In fact, you may not see these pests outside your front window, but they can be quite active in your home. Do you know the signs? Here are a few of the most common winter pests in South Portland that wear out their welcome quickly.

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chimpmunk outside portland maine home

4 Tips To Avoid Chipmunk Damage In South Portland

DATE POSTED: October 31, 2016

Chipmunks are cute. But the damage they cause isn't. These critters become pests when they get into gardens, dig holes under man-made structures, and chew on exterior wood. When they get into a home, they chew on wires, chew up insulation, make holes in sheetrock, and leave their feces and urine everywhere they go. And, like other furry animals, chipmunks can introduce parasites into a home, such…

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