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opossum walking on a road

A Guide To Effective Nuisance Wildlife Control In Massachusetts

DATE POSTED: February 29, 2024

In Massachusetts, the presence of wildlife in our neighborhoods is a beautiful reminder of nature's proximity. However, when animals venture too close, they become more than just a scenic view; they turn into a nuisance or even a threat. This is where wildlife control comes into play. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we understand the intricacies of managing these situations effectively and humanely…

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mole mole creating a lot of damage in new england yard

How Woodchucks, Voles, Moles, And Opossums Damage New England Yards

DATE POSTED: March 7, 2019

After a lengthy winter, most of us are more than ready for the warm weather that spring provides. We’re not the only ones. New England wildlife has managed to survive the worst elements winter could throw at them and they’re ready for a break. Unfortunately for homeowners, spring typically provides the perfect opportunity for wildlife to invade and do damage to New England yards.

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