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squirrels getting into house through a hole in the roof

Wildlife Causing Problems In Southern Maine

DATE POSTED: October 27, 2016

It's a sunny warm day and as you are sipping your morning coffee and looking out your window, you notice a couple of playful squirrels bounding from tree to tree across your property. Then all of a sudden you start to hear scurrying and scratching noises in the attic; no they couldn’t be, could they? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, squirrels and other wildlife can easily take up residence in…

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bat found in a home in worcester ma

Top 5 Places Bats Hide

DATE POSTED: September 7, 2016

Are you freaked out? Do you hear something squeaking in your walls? Do you hear them scratching and bumping? Or is the problem worse? Sometimes it isn't quite so obvious where bats are hiding; but before you get a flashlight and a baseball bat to figure out where the dozen or so bats that are flapping around your home came from, you may want to read the rest of this article.

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woodchuck under a home in rhode island

How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck?

DATE POSTED: August 17, 2016

Surely you've heard the rhyme: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, If a woodchuck could chuck wood? He'd chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could, If a woodchuck could chuck wood! But the question shouldn't be, "How much wood can he chuck?" And what exactly is chucking, at least pertaining to a woodchuck? A better and more realistic question is, "How can I get rid of these woodchucks on my…

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bat in providence

Little Brown Bats Are No Little Threat

DATE POSTED: July 7, 2016

Are you finding signs that bats have gotten into your home? Are you finding guano on the deck or around a hole in your eaves? Do you hear bumping and scratching inside your walls? When you go to bed at night, are their faint chirping sounds coming from your attic? Yup. You've got bats. But how big of a deal is it?

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raccoon walking through snow

Wildlife Control

DATE POSTED: January 20, 2016

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, winter has arrived, but as we're writing this article, we can't help notice that there is not much snow piled up to the window sills. While that makes getting to work every day a bit easier, it causes another problem. Little or no snow covering makes it easier for wildlife to get around. That means there is a greater chance we'll have them breaking into our homes…

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chipmunk found trying to enter a providence home

Are Chipmunks Dangerously Cute?

DATE POSTED: January 11, 2016

Who doesn't like cute? Fluffy kittens kneading and purring. Downy pups snoozing in a pile. If you love to oooh and ahhh over cuteness, do a search on the internet for "chipmunks." You'll see a whole host of absolutely adorable pictures. There are pictures full of furry little striped guys with their tiny little paws clasped to their tiny little chests, giant cheeks bulging with nuts, tiny black or…

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