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home after snow storm

Winter Pests To Be Concerned About In South Portland

DATE POSTED: December 15, 2017

Maine is a great state to live in, where we have four true seasons. The sunny sparkling summers, crisp vibrant falls, picturesque snowy winters, and delightfully budding springs. Unfortunately, all of our seasons come with four separate sets of pest problems. As summer fades into fall, we trade mosquito in for another set of unwanted pest concerns as stinging insects become very aggressive. And…

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home in attleboro during the winter

What Winter Weather Means For Insects And Rodents

DATE POSTED: February 21, 2015

For many people this winter has reminded them of the movie “Groundhog Day”. Every day is very much the same- snow, snow and more snow. And just to mix it up, in between snow storms there is bitter cold and heavy winds. Just as this weather has been very hard on us, it has been hard on winter insects and rodents. This year pests have been finding their way into homes and other buildings in very…

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Winter Pests

Winter Pests And Attic Spaces

DATE POSTED: January 29, 2015

Last fall, without your consent, bugs and wildlife may have taken up residence in your attic spaces. If you have not visited your attic crawl spaces recently, now might be the time. When spring arrives, those bugs, rodents, and wild critters will leave their low-energy state and begin to forage more vigorously for food. This will bring them down into your kitchen, pantry, and living areas--if they…

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants In Winter?

DATE POSTED: January 26, 2015

Yep. Don't think that just because your nostril hairs freeze every time you walk out into the winter chill that your home is safe from carpenter ants. Ants come back every year, no matter how much snow you get. That means they know how to hide from the winter chill. One of the places they hide is inside your house. Yep. They could already be inside. Here is what you need to know about carpenter…

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raccoon found in attleboro

Framingham Pest Control Pros Uncover Common Winter Pests

DATE POSTED: December 26, 2014

There is nothing worse than having a pest infest your home--well, except maybe finding a leak in your lifeboat, in shark infested waters. Pests can fill your home with awful smells, plague your family with flu like symptoms, leave disfiguring wounds, damage your home, and poison your food. Here are some of the repeat offenders that roam Framingham.

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