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Millipedes and Centipedes

How To Tell The Difference Between Millipedes And Centipedes

DATE POSTED: December 31, 2014

I realize that many of you have busy schedules. Life has a way of loading us down like a pack mule on a winding Himalayan trail. So, I'm going to break this article down into two sections: the short answer, and the long answer. If you have a short attention span, or suffer from ADHD, you may want to apply yourself, and stick with me till the end, because I'm going to give you tips on how you can…

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American Cockroaches in Massachusetts Homes

3 Cockroaches Found In Massachusetts Homes

DATE POSTED: August 23, 2013

Seeing a cockroach inside your home can really make you jump! Imagine enjoying breakfast at your kitchen table when you see one dart across the floor, or putting your hand in a bag of potato chips and having a cockroach come running out; both of these experiences might send shivers up your back! Besides the ‘ick’ factor, cockroaches in Massachusetts as well as throughout the world carry…

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