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s school of children lined up to board a big yellow bus on their first day of school

Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Portland Parents As School Season Returns

DATE POSTED: August 14, 2019

  When you send your kids off to school again in the fall, you’re probably not thinking “I sure hope my children don’t bring bed bugs home with them today.” After all, parents have plenty of other things to think about. The unfortunate reality, however, is that your children might give bed bugs an opportunity to invade. While it is true that bed bugs are a year-round threat in Maine…

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kitchen in south portland home

Protect Your South Portland Home From Pests

DATE POSTED: January 18, 2018

Have you found yourself getting frustrated with the ever-changing pest pressures in your home? With every changing season, a new or different infestation arises. Maybe it’s time to start preventing pest infestations in the first place, better to be proactive, right? It’s like changing the oil in your car every so many miles to prevent engine failure, or buying home insurance to protect your…

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carpenter ant crawling on floor

Don’t Forget About Carpenter Ants

DATE POSTED: December 21, 2017

Just because it’s getting colder outside doesn’t mean all of the ants are dying off. They’re just looking for a place to hide and to make new homes for the winter! Carpenter ants are very resilient and expert survivors. They have been known to build satellite colonies in the comfort of our foundations as the weather cools. These satellite colonies are temporary homes for the carpenters to…

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home after snow storm

Winter Pests To Be Concerned About In South Portland

DATE POSTED: December 15, 2017

Maine is a great state to live in, where we have four true seasons. The sunny sparkling summers, crisp vibrant falls, picturesque snowy winters, and delightfully budding springs. Unfortunately, all of our seasons come with four separate sets of pest problems. As summer fades into fall, we trade mosquito in for another set of unwanted pest concerns as stinging insects become very aggressive. And…

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Best Fall Prevention Tips For South Portland Residents

DATE POSTED: October 20, 2017

There are some who joke and say that we have four seasons here in Maine: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction, but that's not true. Summer in Maine is filled with trips to the lake, mountain hikes, baseball games, trips down the white water rapids, and other outdoor fun. Fall is also filled with outdoor fun. Sure, it's getting colder, but the leaves are turning, and there is…

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Common Damages Chipmunks Can Cause

DATE POSTED: August 29, 2017

/pest-identificationAre you noticing chipmunks on your South Portland property? We aren't talking about the singing, dancing kind, we're talking about the kind that can cause damages to your yard or home if they are allowed to multiply, dig up your gardens, or get into your attic and wall voids.

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