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silverfish crawling on floor

Most Effective Silverfish Prevention Tips

DATE POSTED: October 31, 2017

Having insects in your home can be disconcerting, to say the least. Unless you keep an ant farm, you want the ants at a safe distance from your food and in the ground rather than around your foundation, thank you very much. How much more unpleasant to discover not a tiny little pavement ant, but a one inch creature of silvery hue that looks and moves like something that belongs in the water…

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earwig crawling on ground

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

DATE POSTED: August 28, 2017

We have all seen “pincher bugs” on the ground, in out-buildings, and even inside our homes. You have to admit, earwigs are creepy and scary looking with their pincer like appendages. Not only that, they move very quickly and congregate in very large numbers making them look like something out of a horror movie.

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centipede crawling up wall

Scary Centipedes

DATE POSTED: April 10, 2017

Okay. Let's be honest. We're okay with anything that has two legs--for the most part. Four legs is fine too. In fact, some of us probably prefer things with four legs, especially if it is domesticated and sleeps at the foot of our bed. Six legs, yeah, not so much. Definitely not if those six legs allow the critter to climb the wall and run across the ceiling at full speed--that's right cockroaches…

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