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a house fly in a south portland home during the holiday season

Why Am I Still Seeing Flies In My South Portland Home This Winter? 

DATE POSTED: December 23, 2019

It’s a misconception that pests only come around in the warm spring and summer months. Many of them are year-round nuisances that must be routinely managed. Most people wouldn’t expect to see flies buzzing around their kitchen in December when temperatures in South Portland can drop below 15º, but flies are actually a common winter pest.

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an earwig infestation in a portland maine yard

Earwigs Crawling into Your Ear & Other Myths Portland Residents Worry About

DATE POSTED: December 16, 2019

With cold weather in full swing, there’s no doubt that you noticed insects taking residence in your home. Some insects look terrifying, and the earwig is no exception. This ferocious foe will worry you when you see its huge pincers.  Ease your worries by learning about this creature and how to prevent it from taking over your home.

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