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an opossum family on a fallen tree

How Dangerous Are Opossums In My Milford Yard?

DATE POSTED: October 16, 2020

The first concern when it comes to any pest is whether or not they are dangerous to human health, and the second concern is whether the pest can destroy property. Because of their larger size compared to most pests, opossums can seem quite intimidating.

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a white faced opossum crawling through the long grass on a southern portland property

How To Tell If You've Got Opossums In Or Around Your South Portland Home

DATE POSTED: May 31, 2019

Whether or not you find opossums adorable, chances are, you’re not going to want them invading your property or your home. While the playful and cuddly videos of young opossums might be fun to watch online, when it comes to wild opossums, they can be quite frightening and dangerous for any South Portland resident to handle alone.

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