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bed bug crawling across bed

Dangers Of Leaving Bed Bugs Untreated

DATE POSTED: January 8, 2018

You may be thinking it’s impossible to get bed bugs in your home since you keep your home clean. The truth is, bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty home. They come inside from other infested areas, as they are expert hitchhikers, and can hitch a ride unnoticed on your clothing or luggage. They can also come in on other items that you may buy used or receive as gifts from others, like used…

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bed bug up close

Christmas Travel Suggestions

DATE POSTED: December 17, 2017

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year... Gift giving, parties, visiting with family and friends near and far. And of course, the most delicious food and treats are readily available to indulge in. It can also get pretty stressful if you decide to travel. You have to make plans, and reserve a place to stay overnight, choose what type of transportation you will use to get there, what your…

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bed bug biting skin

Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

DATE POSTED: November 20, 2017

Can you name five holidays that inspire Americans to travel? You probably already know one of them. It's in the title of this article. Along with Thanksgiving, we're likely to travel for the Christmas season, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July. Do you know what else all of these holidays have in common? Yup. Bed bugs.

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It’s Always Active Season For Bed Bugs

DATE POSTED: October 11, 2017

In South Portland, we have a lot of seasonal invaders. We are used to them dying off or hibernating when the winter months blow in, but bed bugs are a different story. If it is hot or cold outside, inside your home, it is always the perfect weather for bed bugs.

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How To Spot Bed Bug Bites

DATE POSTED: September 27, 2017

You don’t like to wake up with bites all over your body that are all red, itchy and swelling. Most likely you are assuming that a small spider has been lurking within your bed sheets or a mosquito or another insect has flown into your house and attacked you during the night. In reality, it could actually be the dreaded bed bug!

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Avoid Bed Bugs This School Year

DATE POSTED: August 31, 2017

You teach your kids to share, but when they are at school, they may be sharing more than pencils and toys. With a new school year brings new concerns about sharing bed bugs. Here is how you can avoid bed bugs this school year.

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