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Girl With A Pest

Kids Love Bugs

DATE POSTED: August 26, 2015

You may have lost your wonder and fascination for bugs, but there is a good chance your kids haven't. Even if you don't have an aspiring entomologist living in your home, PestWorld for Kids is a resource your children will love. It is jam packed full of fun videos, craft ideas, eBooks, games, and more which makes it an indispensable resource for educators. Here are some of the great ways you can…

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Tony DeJesus

Take A Closer Look With Tony T.V.

DATE POSTED: August 20, 2015

What's bugging you? Do you even know? There are a ton of bugs that can infest a home, and Tony DeJesus takes them on one at a time in the YouTube sensation known as Tony TV. Okay. Maybe it isn't a sensation yet, but we think you'll agree, learning about pests with Tony is fun and fast. Before you realize you've even started, you'll be off and running with indispensable pest information that will…

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Ice Cream Sundae

Big Blue Bug Gives Back In An Awful Big, Awful Good Way!

DATE POSTED: August 4, 2015

I just love to see a company that genuinely cares about its community and actually takes the time and money to give back. Such is the case with Big Blue Bug Solutions as they teamed up with Newport Creamery to throw an ice cream party on July 23rd. Neighborhood kids lined up for a free ice cream at Big Blue Bug – a truly refreshing treat for such a warm summer day! Rumor has it that there…

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Shaking Hands

The Benefit Of A Strong Partnership

DATE POSTED: July 19, 2015

Have you seen the news? The Friars have signed on for a long-term partnership with apparel and footwear giant Nike. Bob Driscoll, Director of Athletics for Providence College says, "We are excited to partner with Nike, the worldwide leader in the industry. Nike has long been associated with the Friar men's and women's basketball teams and now our entire athletic department will be part of this…

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Brown bat

Are Bats In Rhode Island Dangerous?

DATE POSTED: June 25, 2015

Let's answer this question with another question: "Are cars dangerous?" Some would say no, and others would say that 32,675 people died in a motor vehicle accident in 2014. Both would be correct. You can't simply say that cars are dangerous. If you want to protect yourself from being hurt in a car accident, you need to know how and why cars can be dangerous. The same can be said of bats. If you…

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Why Are Woodpeckers Attacking My Home?

DATE POSTED: April 24, 2015

Woodpeckers are perhaps the most recognizable bird out there. They are distinct in their coloring, shape and behavior. They are known to peck at trees, street signs, telephone and utility poles and many more things. They bang and peck on things for a few different reasons. When it is solely for noise purposes, then they are showing dominance over an area, and are trying to attract females to…

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