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a black wodow spider on a window ledge

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Southern Maine?

DATE POSTED: September 23, 2020

Spiders might be the one pest that most homeowners in Southern Maine fear more than any other. While many other pests pose more health and property damage risks than spiders, there is something about them that is particularly scary, leaving many people to have severe spider phobias.

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a jumping spider in a garden

How Much Do You Really Know About The Spiders In Southern Maine?

DATE POSTED: May 29, 2020

Despite their menacing appearance, spiders are one of the most beneficial types of pests to have in the world. However, some are quite venomous and thus dangerous if they bite you. Luckily for us in southern Maine, the two species of spiders in the United States that are dangerous to humans (black widows and brown recluses) are not native to the area. That means it is highly unlikely that you will…

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spider on floor

Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Worcester Home

DATE POSTED: April 15, 2020

Have you had enough of spiders in your basement, spiders in your attic, spiders making webs in the upper corners or your living room, or finding a big, fat, hairy spider sitting on the drain in your bathtub or shower? There are some things you can do to prevent spiders from getting into your home and finding conditions inside your home that are conducive to their habitation. Let's take a look at…

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a yellow sac spider crawling inside of a flower

How Dangerous Are The Yellow Sac Spiders In New England?    

DATE POSTED: February 18, 2020

The thing to remember about yellow sac spiders is that they’re very good at hiding. Not only that, but because they only emerge for feeding at night while we are asleep, an infestation can go unnoticed for long periods of time. The best thing you can do to protect your home from these sneaky pests is to contact the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions.

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spider crawling on a counter

What You May Not Know About Winter Spiders In Your South Portland Home

DATE POSTED: January 28, 2020

If you see a spider in your home this winter, you might be tempted to think that it got into your home to find shelter from the cold. Would you be surprised if we told you that spiders don't have to hide from the cold, that they are born with a natural antifreeze that protects them from freezing to death? It true! Spiders can survive temperatures below freezing. They don't have to hide in your…

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a common house spider hanging from its web as it dangles upside down in a worcester massachusettes home basement

House Spiders are Unwanted House Guests in Worcester Homes

DATE POSTED: October 11, 2019

House spiders are small and are common web-weaving spiders. Most of the time, their webs around our house are more annoying than the spiders themselves. However, having house spiders can be a sign that you have problems with other pests in your Worcester home.

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