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a grey meadow vole digging up a tunnel through out a new england yard

How To Tell If Meadow Voles Have Invaded Your New England Property

DATE POSTED: May 16, 2019

For many homeowners, having a beautiful lawn is very important. After all, nothing is worse than having guests notice your hedges need to be trimmed and your grass could be shorter, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there is something much worse for the appearance of your lawn than wilted flowers and overgrown hedges, and that something is vole damage.

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vole up close

Am I Doing Something To Attract Voles To My Property?

DATE POSTED: May 8, 2018

Voles are very small rodents that people often get mixed up with ordinary house mice. Voles, however, are known to live primary outdoors and will rarely come inside. Outside the voles burrow far beneath the ground to create elaborate tunnels from place to place to store their food, breed, and to raise their offspring. An adult vole can be quite large, from about 5 inches to 8 inches in length…

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vole up close

Problems Voles Cause To Pawtucket Properties

DATE POSTED: March 20, 2018

Voles are cute little critters that invade our yards and can cause terrible problems for homeowners if left unchecked. If you were to ever see a vole, they are mouse-like rodents, but looks aside they have little in common. Unlike mice, voles do not usually move indoors. Voles are active both day and night and are year-round pests. They have small beady eyes, short legs, and a short furry tail…

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vole near a rhode island home

How To Avoid Vole Damage

DATE POSTED: February 23, 2018

Voles, also referred to as meadow mice, are rodents that look very similar to mice but are larger and darker in color. Their bodies are stouter, and their tails are shorter and hairier than mice, and their eyes and ears are smaller. Depending on the species, voles can grow to be as large as 9 inches long.

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vole near massachusetts home

Are Voles Active During The Winter?

DATE POSTED: January 19, 2018

Voles are active during the winter since they do not hibernate in the cold winter months. Their activity underground is masked by the fallen snow. Don’t be fooled, voles are still alive and active during this time even if we can’t see them.

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What Attracts Voles To South Portland Properties

DATE POSTED: July 31, 2017

It would be very easy to overlook a vole infestation in your South Portland yard, for a time. After all, out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes; but, before long, there would be no denying that voles are causing problems for you. To understand the threat that comes with a vole infestation, you must first learn a bit about this amazing little rodent.

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